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Hi! I'm the woman behind everything magical at The Happy Hiccup.

From farm girl to Chicago scene vixon. 

I became a household name at an early age. After constantly crushing my sales goals, my passion for working for a corporate company had died.

Friends and family tried to push me back into a normal 9-5 job, but I knew with my creative mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, vision, and morals, I could do anything that I put my mind to.

I didn't know it at the time, but when I was planning a baby shower the frustration with the lack of quality items for reasonable pricing was unavailable. Not only did I NOT want it to be cheap looking but I wanted to make it look like I actually had spent the time on it. Because trust me, I did! My options were limited- ranging from a tent, tables, and chair rentals to inflatable jumping houses. No thanks.


After Managing a wedding venue, I realized brides felt the same way.

 They too would spend hundreds- thousands of dollars on wedding decor. They'd try to separate themselves but would pay heavily and spend a large amount of time.

ENTER The Happy Hiccup.

Our inventory is compromised of generations. Some new, some vintage, some fab, some funky..hey we try not to judge.


Who doesn't love vintage and pretty things? 


When I started The Happy Hiccup, I took previous business acumen, added a dash of my creativity, and a sense of style.

I can't part ways with my treasures, thus I rent my beautiful pieces to enhance others precious celebrations


Friends and family argue that I started the business to feed my vintage addiction, but they are truly proud of what has grown out of all those early morning flea market hunting expeditions.

I went through life not really understand what passion was. Society told me what I was supposed to do, so I did it. My career took off and the money was there, but something was missing. I've spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was missing.

There were a few common denominators that I knew- I enjoy seeing others happy, I like to create items/events that can't be replicated, I hate being grouped into a category "like everyone else", I'm all about the thrill of the hunt. When I say that I mean finding items for a steal that's so out of this world that I can't wait to share it with others.


I just wanted someone to tell me what I was supposed to do with my life. The truth of the matter is, that would have been so much easier. Chances are, I wouldn't have been happy with it anyway.


Nonetheless, I opened The Happy Hiccup to follow ---well my journey in life. Life is full of hiccups. This one is my happy one.



When you vote with your dollar you're 

*supporting a femal entrupener

*helping me go against all of the doubters

*make it possible to share my story

*help create a youth mentoring program for female teens



I've had a lot of awesome opportunities that I'm thankful for in my life. These opportunities can't be taught or bought.

I've personally been involved with :

ads, branding, worked on the set of styling shoots, 

Club Launches, Club promotions, Brand Awareness

Hair Shows Agency

Restaurant Design Menu Design Logo Design

jewlery store jewelry design



outdoor magazine





Lifes little "hiccups"....I mean God bless them. Seriously. They got us where we are today. I'm all about celebrating them with you.! Hints the name, The Happy Hiccup.


We're all about coloring outside the lines, having a great time, and providing a fabulous time!___________________________________


For years, Natalie Weer has been a buyer of high styled pieces. After repeated requests to rent her inventory, The Happy Hiccup was born. This exciting rental company features a luxe collection, the majority updated with modern­ day fabric and finishes that hold up to the most rockin' party. From bohemian lounge groups and barn weddings to a super luxe corporate dinner – our collection will help take your event to the next level.


In a city where commercial rentals like tents, tables, and chairs are common, we found that vintage items were surprisingly harder to find for events. Our collection of furniture and decor rentals includes designer items that are thoughtfully considered to be mixed and matched for countless types of events.





She's a challenger of the norm- colors outside the lines-challenges status quo

seldom doing anything the same way twice 

  • Push the boundaries of traditional methods and come up with innovative and clever solutions to challenging situations











I mean here's a girl who will spend an unhealthy amount of time going great lengths to surpass your expectations. That's what she loves though. It's not even the money she chases, it's seeing the look on peoples faces when everything comes together. The hand designed decorations or the details on the furniture. I mean I get it when you spend your whole life trying to be someone or something different

Growing up, she always had to improvise with what she had. She didn't always have the latest and greatest Barbie accessories, so she'd create her own items and invite her friends over. She was a hustler, but she always had an end goal. 

From Halloween costumes to jewelry, you never knew what she was going to come up with. She's true to herself but respects trends.


I've always been the "goto" to throw a fab party. After all, boring parties are easy to forget but ravishing parties stay on the horizon.


Let me ask you a question. What wedding, bridal shower, etc do you remember? The first one that pops into your head. Now it shouldn't be recent, because of that doesn't count. What made it so special? Was it the romance between the couple, the decor, the food? Was it all of it?


We like to think of ourselves as icing on the cake. Our items have been around for awhile and aren't going anywhere soon. They're classy, one of a kind, always in style, and well made. relate this to yourself. Are you one of a kind? Yes, you are, so why have the same items as everyone else? 


Can you think of a wedding, bridal shower, etc that you absolutely loved their deco? Why do you think you remember it? 

After witnessing first hand the cost, time, mental exhaustion, and stress- I realized it was time for a major change. Central Illinois did NOT have a true vintage rental business. There was a need in my hometown area. 


and for party ideas and extravagant We are the first REAL vintage rental in Central Illinois.

I've been a collector of the finer things for over 10 years. Now I won't give you my secrets to where I find my treasures, I will happily share them with you. Our team strives to deliver a memorable experience just like your event. 

We strive to have treasures that no other rental company have. Natalie has been all over the world.


The Happy Hiccup has it's the main storefront located in Streator, Illinois and the second location in Peoria Heights. We really try to offer our items to everyone possible

Serving Central and Northern Illinois. Renting from The Happy Hiccup, you're supporting a small woman-owned business who wants change.



What is happiness? For the owner, Natalie Weer she spent her entire life trying to find that answer. 

Her journey included making it to the top of her sales career just for her to walk away from it. Why? Because it wasn't bringing her happiness. 


She's understood first hand what it's like to work with a strict budget. The amount of stress and extra tasks you take on just to make that bridal, baby, wedding, etc. ever so special for a loved one. She remembers staying up until 2am the night before and working on hand stamping place settings just to save money. The following day, she wasn't even able to enjoy the party. In fact, she was so worn out and exhausted that she ended up crying a couple times. Excusing herself to the bathroom as the tears feel down her face. The after party was going on downstairs, but she couldn't help but just crash.


If I could have just rented these items, my life would've been so much easier. 


Let's be realistic about this~

You get married, have a baby, or throw a corporate event. You spend $2,000 on decor that you probably won't use again. Or, it will be out of style by the time that you do.

Selling it on popular resell websites takes time and energy.

Do you really want randoms coming into your house?

What if I told you for about 20% of that you could throw an awesome party and not have to worry about storage, selling, etc?!

Genius, right?

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